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Delicate, feminine and perfect for any ocasion.

Composition: Material: Stainless Steel. Coating: 14k gold-plated (traditional way). Details: Two fake pearls
Dimensions: adjustable.

As the coating process is not PVD, we cannot offer 1 year warranty. Please note that we only offer warranty on items belonging to the 100% waterproof collectionKnow more about the materials and care guide hereKnow more about the materials and care guide here.

Additional note: Regardless of the main material, some jewelry is more delicate. Jewelry with zircons, rhinestones, pearls, etc may have additional care, even if they’re made from stainless steel. Perfumes, lotions, chemicals, chlorine, water or other substances can contribute to the loosening/detachment of these stones/pearls, so after each wear, gently wipe them with our jewelry cloth we include with all our orders and store them. Activities such as exercising, swimming or even sleeping can contribute to this problem too, so choose to take those pieces off so they can last many years.