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Care guide

Show some love to your jewels!


100% waterproof collection? Then, no problem at all.

If your jewelry belongs to the 100% waterproof collection , then it doesn't need any particular care. This jewelry is made to be wearable for your daily activities. The #oryagirls gang are proactive women, always rushing from one place to another. They need their life to be practical and their jewelry reflects it - going to the gym, taking a shower, going swimming in the pool or the sea without taking their jewelry off. If you want to know more about how we do this, get to know the process here .

We believe in what we are saying so much we offer you a 1 year warranty on these collection items. Know more about this here .


Other jewelry

ORYA Jewelry® is now in the process of transitioning to selling jewelry and accessories made exclusively from stainless steel, limiting the sale of brass items that are not as high quality and don't offer as much durability to the customer.

Even so, we are still selling them on our website, so please read carefully the description of each product so you know what you can count on.


  • Stainless steel non-PVD coating:

All the jewelry that doesn't belong to the 100% waterproof collection cannot be given the 1 year warranty as those pieces were only gold-plated through the classical method. Yes, they will last. They will last longer than any other material but their color is less durable than the ones we offer with the PVD coating process. The gold may turn less shiny or even be washed out in little details. That being said, we will not give you the warranty but we keep our word when we say all our stainless steel jewelry is long lasting.

  • Gold-plated or silver-plated brass jewelry:

This type of jewelry is a little more fragile and sensitive to water, chemicals or other aggressions. Please, keep your pieces far away from that kind of aggression.

  • Jewelry with other materials besides the ones already mentioned:

Regardless of the main material, some jewelry is more delicate. Jewelry with zircons, rhinestones, pearls, etc may have additional care, even if they're made from stainless steel. Perfumes, lotions, chemicals, chlorine, water or other substances can contribute to the loosening/detachment of these stones/pearls, so after each wear, gently wipe them with our jewelry cloth we include with all our orders and store them. Activities such as exercising, swimming or even sleeping can contribute to this problem too, so choose to take those pieces off so they can last many years.


The complete jewelry care guide

Maintaining the initial appearance of your ORYA Jewelry® accessories is very easy, you just have to follow our advice and recommendations.

All our accessories are made from materials carefully managed to maintain their initial appearance (color and shine), but if they are not properly cleaned, stored and cared for, they may lose their characteristics.


To ensure that your accessories last longer, we suggest that you follow the recommendations below:

- Avoid using your accessories during physical activity, as it accelerates the oxidation process;

- Avoid direct contact with cleaning products, perfumes, creams, pool chlorine, bleach, suntan lotion, etc. When using the products mentioned, wait a few minutes before putting your accessories into contact with your skin. Some chemicals are corrosive to metal and can degrade more easily;

- Choose to remove your accessories when you take a bath (including swimming pool, jacuzzi, shower) - this way you will guarantee not only a greater shine but also a greater longevity;

- Store your accessories in a dry and suitable place, avoiding contact with other accessories, especially if the latter show signs of use and/or the beginning of the oxidation process. We advise you to reuse the linen and/or organza bags that go inside your order, in order to be able to separate your accessories.

If you still have any questions about taking care of your accessories, send us an email to info@oryajewelry.com. We will be happy to help you!